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Radio Fiji One Events

    • World Day Of Prayer.
    • This is based on Informed Prayer which flows into Prayerful Action.After hearing and seeing the pains and hardships faced by our Mothers and Sisters we are all asked to act and this is one way where we can all join hands and act and try to help them out.It happens on the 1st Friday of March which is on the 6th.
    • International Women’s Day.
    • Make It Happen is the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day which will be celebrated on the 8th of March to recognise the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.Let’s Paint It Purple!!!!
    • Rf1 Earth Hour
    • Every year on the 28th of March we are to observe a Lights Off Event for an hour from 8:30pm-9:30pm to raise awareness on Climate Change.
    • Rf1 Valelevu Branding
    • We are coming down to Valelevu on Friday the 20th of March from 3-6pm…see you there!!!
    • Rf1 Fiji Flag
    • We are changing our Flag!!!Friday is the last day where you can send in your imaginations and thoughts on our new Flag.

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